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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Tim Sloan candidate district 4 schools says, professional educators have failed (rough draft)

Mr. Sloan doesn't seem to have a lot of regard for professional teachers. In the past he has proposed assigning teachers to schools and at the JPEF district 2 forum he made the startling claim that professional educators have failed. 

Start the video at about the 59 minute mark

"Experienced educators your way hasn't worked" that is a direct quote from Mr. Sloan as he was talking about a teacher/community ride along program he hoped to introduce. He said he wants to do something a little different, well calling out teachers and telling them they are failures isn't exactly new. he joins a long line of people who don't respect the teaching profession when he says it.

It's they same thing Nick Howland told me when I asked him if there were good teachers at F and D schools. He shrugged his shoulders and begrudgingly told me no.

It's the same thing Gary Chartrand, Jeb Bush, Betsy DeVos and many others who want to dismantle public education have said.

I don't think teachers get enough support, and resources, I think there are often unrealistic expectations put upon them as well, but what I also know, is that haven't failed and Mr. Sloan may not appreciate their efforts but I sure as heck do.

Later when he was giving his final statement he says he has listened to all the experienced educators say what they do and think and he wonders why we have such a high volume of schools where they are. You know because he has his own thoughts.

I can answer that question though, it's poverty. Students that live in poverty and sadly a whole bunch in district  don't do as well as children not in poverty.

District 4, you have a couple very good candidates, but you have a couple Mr. Sloan and Mr. Willie who should be let know where near the board.

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