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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Darryl Willie tells people what they want to hear about charters. Which tells me he has no moral compass

This is a humdinger folks.

I was talking to a candidate in district 4 and they told me at the Times Union's questionnaire that Willie said he was against charter schools. That seemed far fetched to me because of all the money he has received from charter school interests and because he provides teachers including the entire 2018 TFA class to charter schools. How he can he be that entwined with them and be against them?

So I asked somebody I know at the Times Union who I believe would have been party to the interviews. 

Hey did Willie say he wasn't a supporter of charter schools?


They replied

I'm  listening to the entire tape to make sure I heard what I heard.

What?!? They have to make sure they heard what they heard?!?

So I asked Mr. Willie himself.

Chat Conversation Start

Hey did Mr. Willie tell the TU editorial board he was against/not for charter schools? Thanks
Even though there is a little check mark saying they saw it at 4:22 over two hours later there still hasn't been a response. He knows what he said, if there is a misunderstanding you would think he would like to clear it up but this far nothing.

Darryl Willie is the type of guy who tells charter schools supporters, yeah I love them, give me money.

Darryl Willie is the type of guy who tells people who think charter schools are bad for education, no I hate them, give me money.

Willie has connection after connection to the charter school industry, he has taken tens of thousands of dollars from them, he provides teachers for their schools and then when he doesn't think it's going to play, he tells people he is against them. 

If Willie replies to me I will put his answer up but at this point how can we take anything he says at face value?

District 4 you have some great candidates, please don't make the mistake of electing one, Willie who will just tell you what he thinks you want to hear.

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