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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Nick Howland inserts politics into school board race

Apparently Nick Howland (I almost wrote Scott Shine there) didn't get the memo that school board races were supposed t be non partisan. After all what's best for the kids should transcend party politics.

Shortly after the video starts Howland refers to himself as a conservative businessman. This is a dog whistle for the republicans in District 2. He's saying hey guys if party trumps all your decisions, I am your guy.

The video starts off saying our schools need new leadership and he is right, District 2 does. Unfortunately for him, he's basically a clone of the last guy, Shine, who was a disaster.

Friends, district 2 has elected a rich, white, conservative businessman the last two cycles and it hasn't exactly worked out for you. Isn't it past time you went with an educator? Somebody with relevant experience?

Howland may be more Fel Lee than Scott Shine but that shouldn't be enough to get him on the board especially since as you can see he is willing to say anything, if he thinks it will get him elected.

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