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Sunday, August 9, 2020

District staff converned about theor jobs and there lives

It's not just school staff and students; we should be worried about but district staff as well. Many district staff don't have the protection of the union and are afraid to speak up about their safety, and that is just not how it should be.

In July, the board passed a work from home resolution.

Sounds great right, let's keep as many people out of the buildings and as safe as possible. Except it hasn't worked out that way. Some staff members have said they have gone to their supervisors who haven't even heard of the resolution. That sounds crazy right, well sadly, I hear about this type of thing all the time as board actions don't always trickle down to the staff.

Though other staff members have told me they are being voluntold to return. The staff is too scared to speak up.

I asked the district about resolution, and they told me staff members would have to speak to their supervisors to continue working from home. Which begs the question, if they have been getting the job done them, why is the district knocking the apple cart over? 

Speaking of returning, most are set to do so next week to floors where social distancing won't be possible.

I really don't get it, this should be easy. The district should be looking to keep people safe, but over and over again, when given the option, they have passed. We could and should be doing much better.

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