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Monday, August 10, 2020

It is time we pushed back against DeSantis's lies

It is 2020, and it is beyond sad that the governor continually lies to the people of Florida to push his deadly agenda. Almost daily, he says schools should open because kids don't get the coronavirus when the truth is they do and are getting it a faster and faster rate. Won't it be something when we find out they hadn't been getting it because we kept them safe by closing schools?
180 Children in Orange County,

Orange County officials said Thursday that 1,785 children are among the 30,000 confirmed cases that have been confirmed in the county since March.
And that includes more than 100 infants, and hundreds more children in all age ranges.

Children, especially minority children, are susceptible. 

While most children who catch the coronavirus have either no symptoms or mild ones, they are still at risk of developing "severe" symptoms requiring admission to an intensive care unit, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a new report released Friday. 

Hispanic and Black children, in particular, were much more likely to require hospitalization for COVID-19, with Hispanic children about eight times as likely as white children to be hospitalized, while Black children were five times as likely. 

Despite persistent rumors that children are "almost immune" from the virus, the analysis of 576 children hospitalized for the virus across 14 states found that one out of three was admitted to the ICU — similar to the rate among adults. Almost 1 in 5 of those were infants younger than 3 months. The most common symptoms included fever and chills, inability to eat, nausea, and vomiting.

Despite rumors? Rumors spread by people like the governor though since minority children are more susceptible, we may now know why he doesn't care as much, sorry at all.  

97,000 children test positive,

Nearly 100,000 children tested positive for the coronavirus in the last two weeks of July, a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics finds. Just over 97,000 children tested positive for the coronavirus from July 16 to July 30, according to the association.
Out of almost 5 million reported COVID-19 cases in the U.S., CBS News' Michael George reports that the group found that more than 338,000 were children.

So in a few weeks, we had a little less than half the amount of cases we had in the first few months. Think about that; as kids started going out, the number of cases skyrocketed.

When the governor says kids don't get sick, he is lying.
When he says schools are safe, he is lying.
When he says things will be fine, and we are heading in the right direction, he is lying.
The governor is lying, and that will undoubtedly cost lives.

It is time we called out the governor's lies. 

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  1. Can we test everyone(teachers, students, staff) for rona that comes into school buildings regardless of whether they exhibit symptoms or not? Maybe we can even spring for the South Korean test kits that have the 20 minute turnaround time. That might raise some eyebrows. Oh...perchance to dream.