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Saturday, August 29, 2020

In Florida, Choice is great unless it is the choice to stay safe and healthy or not

You know DCPS is saying the state has told them they can't release information about COVID cases in schools, which is reprehensible and I guess just dumb luck that weeks ago the district announced that was their policy too.

Earlier this summer the district said unless schools close they weren't going to announce COVID cases in schools. I thought and still feel this is reckless and reprehensible. So maybe the state learned it from watching us.

From WJXT,

After the first full week of classes in Duval County, school officials say they are still counting how many teachers and students test positive for the novel coronavirus. But, the district said, it can’t share those numbers.
The Duval County Health Department told Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) officials Tuesday they needed to get permission from the state level in order to tell parents and the community how many cases are in its schools.
On Friday, after multiple requests for answers, the Florida Department of Health said the information about the number of COVID-19 cases in schools was “confidential.”
“In the interest of public health in Florida, the Surgeon General instructed County Health Departments to provides [sic] school districts with information regarding COVID-19 cases in their schools. However, this information is considered confidential,” a Florida Department of Health spokesman said in an emailed statement.
You know the state talks about choice all the time, but the reality is the only choice that is acceptable to them is the one they give you and here the only choice is to cross your fingers if you are safe in school, because informing people is no longer allowed. I would be outraged by the state but sadly I am to busy being outraged by the district who already had that policy and has shown over and over keeping people healthy is not their top concern.

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  1. Remember when DCPS sued the city over getting the sales tax referendum on the ballot sometime this decade? Yeah those were the days. Now DCPS might as well be channeling Kevin Bacon in Animal House. "Thank you sir. May I have another?" They don't give a shit about the kids. All they care about is their damn funding. They talk the talk but they can't walk the walk. Greene says kids have to be back in school but when it comes to their health & safety she just shrugs her shoulders?? Better to ask for forgiveness than permission. No wonder we have over 10k students awol. They don't want to be your guinea pigs.