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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

DCPS hates politics except when they don't.

I am completely in favor of the special referendum for our schools that voters will vote on this fall. I hope you are too, it is long overdue, however, I also hope you know that one of the reasons the district has chosen to risk lives is because of the referendum. I would bet dollars to doughnuts that Greene was scared it might not pass if we didn't open back up. Protecting staff isn't so much a priority when you can get a new roof for a middle school.

Today the district put out guidelines for the staff about the referendum. In my circles, I am not sure how necessary it was because not a lot of people are out there schilling for it.  How about in yous? Though I am sure the district would like us all to be and that's why they put them out. The district gave us talking points for goodness sake. They know exactly what they were doing just like when they put out their not so subtle threats about teacher social media.

I bet the district has an algorithm that tells them exactly how many votes they gain by opening schools and how many they lose if a teacher gets sick.

Also where they say this isn't political it is, they want the referendum to pass. This is important to them. You know what wasn't though teacher raises. Many of us asked for the district to take a weather day when the rally in Tally happened last January. Staff salaries are a really important political issue for a lot of employees, but it wasn't to the district. 

We should approach these things with our eyes open, we should understand where teachers and staff fall on the district's list of priorities.

1 comment:

  1. I laughed when I saw the talking points. They always tell us to refrain from engaging in anything political---unless it serves their agenda that is. My school even has a little blurb on the marquee out front about voter registration info...smh

    Now we're told to "trust the process" while the DOH pops a squat on student covid stats. So much for transparency. It's funny what the DoH can and cannot do when it suits them. Reminds me of another organization. I truly believe dcps and our local DoH deserve each other. I swear to God if I hear the word "pivot" one more time I'm gonna slap a mofo.