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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Actress Maggie Gyllenhall just doesn’t get it

Maggie Gyllenhall said during education nation, " I don't want my kid to have an incompetent teacher. Well Mrs. Gyllenhall nobody wants your child to have an incompetent teacher but some of the people you are shilling for are doing all they can to make sure that happens.

They are attempting to eliminate tenure and job protections and make the profession undesirable to anybody with aspirations of supporting a family. They are robbing teachers of creativity and innovation making them just teach to the test and in many cases say experience and education don’t matter. Finally they are making sure teachers without education and experience, TFA anyone, get first crack at our classrooms. 

I don’t know if Mrs. Gyllenhall is naive or just ignorant but what I do know is she has done the schools and teachers of America a disservice. 

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