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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The lies and damn lies Duval’s education community would have you believe

An article in the Times Union talked about all the organizations that joined together to improve the graduation rate, a laudable goal indeed. The problem is that in between all the back slapping the article never mentioned Duval’s use of grade recovery that 15,000 students have used over the past couple years whether they deserved to or not and the fact that teachers are regularly told to watch their Fs and Ds if they want to keep their jobs that is.

The article went on to mention, the school district also created measures to prevent students from withdrawing from the system simply for nonattendance… um so attendance didn’t matter and our graduation rate went up? Friends that should tell you more than all you need to know.

We are never going to improve as a district until we have an honest debate about education that leads to honest solutions and just passing kids along whether they do the work or attend or not is not the answer.

To read the pile of self-congratulatory crap, go to

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