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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gary Chartrand consolidates his education power base

You have to hand it to Mr. Chartrand, from top 50 in grocery store news to running our schools. It’s just too bad Mr. Chartrand goes with his gut rather than evidence when making up his mind about education. He doesn’t believe in teacher experience or education, he thinks larger classes are just fine and high stakes standardized tests are cool too. Throw in merit pay and the expansion of charter schools and he is on the wrong side of just about every education issue, I mean if you go with evidence that is.

None of this however has stopped him from expanding his power base. Despite never being a teacher or working in a school he was appointed chairmen of the board of education. His protégé Ashley Juarez Smith is in a run off to be on the school board. He practically handpicked our next superintendent and three organizations he fronts, the Chartrand Foundation, the J.P.E.F and the Champions for Education all got a shout outs from the Times Union as being important education resources. All that remains is for the outgoing board to name a school after him.

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