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Friday, September 28, 2012

Is Topher Sanders job to shill for the education complex or to inform the people?

He recently wrote an article where he said the graduation rate has gone up 11 points over the last 5 years. Well friends I have heard everything from 6 percent to 13 percentage points too. The article didn't mention Duval County's perverted grade recover program nor how it cajoles teachers to pass kids whether they have the skills or not but then something else dawned on me and I sent the following letter to Topher. 

Topher our graduation rate dropped six points when we went to higher standards in 2006, so the article could have read the graduation rate has improved five percentage points over the last five years. Still an improvement but there is a big difference  Topher please let me know is this the gig you wanted where you are just a shill for the education complex, where you give people just half the story? Come on man, I have met you, you seem decent and better than this.

How can we have an honest debate about education, how can we come up with meaningful solutions that help our children and I know you have a little guy, when people just get half the story?

Chris Guerrieri

Well friends do you want half the story or the whole story?

Please let Topher know.


  1. Until every media center in this district is open every day, I won't believe anything Duval County says about literacy or education. Topher did one (small) story last year reporting the large fine the district had to pay for using the money for other things in Title 1 schools, yet every title 1 media center in Duval is still not open every day. The budget is for 2.5 days a week. Happy reading ya'll! This is a disgrace and Topher has not reported on this disgraceful abuse of funds.

  2. Friend maybe 300 people will read this. Write the Times Union everybody, and then everybody else in the media too. At some point we have to have an honest debate...