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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Has Jeb Bush gone off the deep end?

This is what Jeb Bush wrote in the Sunshine State News:

When we started on this course in 1999, we were considered radical. Now many of these reforms are mainstream and increasingly bipartisan.

Despite this, there will be efforts to roll back some of our most important accomplishments in next year’s legislative session, not because they aren’t working for children but because they are creating discomfort for adults. The Florida Education Association once again is arguing that we need to go back in the direction of a failed past — not surprising in that the teachers’ unions bitterly fought every successful reform since the movement began. The Florida School Boards Association also hopes to dilute accountability reforms in next year’s legislative session. If the school boards had done their job by cracking down on failing schools and ensuring all children received an education, then there wouldn’t have been a need for the reforms the boards now seek to escape.

So let me get this straight, teachers don’t think Jeb Bush’s reforms have worked and the School boards don’t think Jeb Bush’s reforms have worked. Heck even staunch republican Steve Wise came out against Jeb Bush’s reforms earlier this week yet somehow he is right and everybody else is wrong.

A couple things you should know, Mr. Bush never worked in a school, never taught a day in his life, many of the statistics he points to that support his cause unravel with any critical thinking and his family has greatly profited off us his so called reforms. He is a snake oil salesman and people are waking up to the fact snake oil doesn't improve anything.

Why is anybody even giving him the time of day?

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