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Monday, September 24, 2012

Does Nikolai Vitti think teachers are professionals?

I think teachers are professionals and experience definitely matters. I am not sure if Dr. Vitti feels the same. He touts bringing in Teach for America recruits to his turn around schools to give them an added dose of enthusiasm. Um isn’t this the same thing he would have gotten from college of education graduates who unlike TFA members might choose to spend a life time educating our children.

TFA chips away at the notion that teachers are professionals and says, look anybody can do it, training and experience do not matter, and that is just not the case. Their original mission was to be a supplement, to fill districts holes where needed but recently districts have begun having TFA recruits take the place of professional teachers and college of education graduates and the reason is not because they do it better. It is because they are cheaper, are often willing to be yoked and they weaken the power of unions.

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