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Monday, September 24, 2012

Is it just black people who like Kriner Cash?

Listening to the school board debate going from 5 candidates to three it was obvious Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Burney were big fans of Kriner Cash.

Later the NAACP lined up one after another at the last school board meeting and sung his praises.

Then today Betty Burney part 2, err Connie Hall said the choice was clear our next super should be Kriner Cash.

If you ask me if any of above say left we should go right. In my opinion they have all been or are about to be very bad for education.  

I also recently talked to somebody from the friends of northwest Jacksonville and unlike those mentioned above I like and respect that group and she to said they were hoping he got the position. So I took another look but my opinion didn't change.

To be honest I didn’t initially know Mr. Cash was African-American and this was after seeing him in numerous pictures but regardless, of the three remaining candidates he is my least favorite. He just has a lot of red flags. He has never been in a classroom as a teacher, there are accusations of a cover up with school improvement and covering for a delinquent employee, his body guard/driver but what is worse is his staff, the people who know him the best, the people who are closest to him, think that he did a poor job.

I really hope in the end ability not race drives the boards decision. 


  1. Chris, I am a white man. I like Dr. Cash. We need to shake up education in this city. He seems like the only one with the guts and personality to do it.

  2. I am a white woman. I think Dr. Cash is the best person of the three candidates but I would not be against the Board continuing the search. I think your comments about only black people liking Dr. Cash is false, misguiding, and seems very ignorant. I know many whites and Hispanics who are in support of Dr. Cash.

  3. Race unfortunately plays a big roll in local politics. I don't think this was an unreasonable question to ask. I personaly don't care what color the next super is as long as they are the right person for the job.

  4. As an educator Chris, you should know better than to lump everyone in the same group. All black people do not think alike. We actually have different opinions about ideas, events, issues, etc... Just because you have spoken to black people, they do not speak for all black people.

  5. You know I debated writing this of not but then after I thought about my recent run where I was told repeatedly I could not win just because I am a white guy I decided to. Of course I know not everyone with a skin color, religion, sexual preference or any other similarity is lock step with each other but at the same time I feel the African American leadership of this town has let down the black community and it is my concern they are doing it again with their full court press for Mr. Cash whose red flags concern me.

    If you disagree with me fair enough but consider this, what has Mrs. Burney and the NAACP done to improve the lot of our children? What do you think Mrs. Hall will do to help them? I think they have hurt them and to be honest I think they see color first and qualifications second and I will tell you I am not alone with this thought.