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Thursday, September 27, 2012

How isn't Duval County’s graduation rate 100%?

Think about it friends, we allow anybody to take grade recover. Don’t show up, make zero effort or disrupt class, who cares because students can use grade recovery to pass. Then teachers are told all the time to watch their Ds and Fs which means regardless of their students effort, attendance or behavior, teachers  are often cajoled into passing their students and then finally did you read today’s paper?

Ed Pratt Dannals brags about how the district stopped dropping kids for non-attendance. Which begs the question, if kids don’t have to come how has our graduation rate gone up?

They say our rate has gone up 11 percentage points to 71 percent. The federal government says it has gone up 6 percent to 63 percent but regardless of which measure you go with why isn't our graduation rate a hundred percent? 

Friends the sad truth is we have rigged the game but the best we could come up with is a C average. That is pathetic.

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