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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rahm Emanuel wants it his way and teachers and children be damned

First he initiates reforms that have no evidence supporting them, then he pushes through legislation that limits the union’s ability to stand up for their rights and now he is outraged that the teachers union wants to take a couple days to read the paper work.

Rahm has threatened to file an injunction to force teachers to go back to work and has returned to his, what about the kids, talking points? Well friends I find it hard to believe he really cares about public school children as he sends his kids to an exclusive private school filled with the things that society has stripped from many of Chicago’s public schools. You know things like electives and air conditioning. He is nothing but a foul-mouthed bully that needs to be stood up to.

This strike is as much about what is best for the kids as anything and the fact that he continues to miss that is troubling.

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