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Monday, September 17, 2012

What they aren't telling you about amendment 8

Notice the teacher is just talking about funding and then jeb Bush comes along and throws out school prayer, a hot button issue. -cpg

From Scathing Purple Musings by Bob Sykes

Escambia County Schools Superintendent Malcolm Thomas said public schools have taken a big cut in funding in recent years, and if this amendment passes, he worries that public school districts will get less money.

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush made the point of condemning school boards across the state in his weekend op-ed for opposing his reforms. One of those school board members, Patty Hightower of Escambia county also spoke with the PNJ about Amendment 8 for which Bush has vigorously advocates.

Last week, the Florida School Boards Association executive committee passed a resolution opposing it. Many fear it could put public school funding in jeopardy.

Patty Hightower, who serves on the Escambia County School Board and is president-elect of the FSBA, said the language in the amendment could be a bit misleading to voters.

“What I’m afraid people will think is it will allow prayer back in schools,” she said. “It doesn’t do that. It means that any religious entity would be able to have public funds.”

Bush doesn’t want Floridians to know that this is another one of his voucher schemes. Florida AG Pam Bondi’s complicity in the fraud should be noted as she chose not to change the name of the amendment in the court-ordered re-write of the amendment. Bush likes to talk of the bipartisan support for his reforms but he ignores bipartisan ire for public education funding cuts. With opposition ads to Amendment 8 already popping up, it will be interesting to see when and where Bush unleashes privatization zealot John Kirtley’s corporate cash. Perhaps Kirtley’s presence will provide the metaphorical teachable moment for Floridians in that it will become clear that this amendment has nothing at all to do with religious freedom.


  1. I'm glad someone is informing us about amendment 8. I would not have voted for some obscure religious freedom amendment but I desperately want a voucher system.

  2. You are welcome and I with my vote will joyfully cancel your vote out...