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Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Times Union made me throw up in my mouth a little

The Times Union gave themselves a shout out when talking about education resources in an editorial welcoming the new superintendent. Up just became down and black just became white because the Times Union does not deserve our praise and admiration.

The Times Union’s love affair with the superintendent is long documented. They rarely print anything other than the districts all is well message. Did you know the district dropped from a B to a C this year? Probably not if you depend on the Times Union for your education news. 

They like accomplices to a crime have kept the public in the dark about the inner working of our education system, they don’t investigate and they don’t ask tough questions, then they have the nerve to say hey look at us, we did a piece on homeless kids we are awesome.

No sir, they are not awesome.

How can we have an honest debate about education when those charged with giving us the facts are not doing their job and they act as a defacto public relations arm of the district. What’s obvious too is that the city knows something is wrong with our schools. More housing starts in St. Johns county, more people moving to the suburbs and our enrollment staying steady despite population growth are all red flags that the people who live here aren’t buying what the Times Union and the school district are selling.

So Times Union how about you do your job and then we will pat you on the back when you deserve it but until then you should know that we know that you are part of the problem, a big part. 

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  1. You can tell the locally educated news by the poor grammar and misspelling.