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Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Jeb Bush should really be known for

Jeb Bush likes to talk about education reform even though his reforms fall apart with critical thought and analysis and there is a huge push back against standardized tests. I know who likes things like pesky facts and evidence, Jeb sure doesn’t.

However what Jeb Bush should be known for is child poverty and homelessness two things that have gone up substantially since his reforms went into effect.

Here is the thing, do you really think a kid struggling at a public school and/or homeless and/or constantly hungry and/or just a little bit pissed off is going to miraculously improve when they go to a charter school that lacks the same accountability as public schools and is staffed by first year Teach for America recruits? If so then you and Jeb should see me about some swampland I am letting go cheap.

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