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Vitti consistently ignores the city's parents and stakeholders,

Two years ago Vitti wanted to get rid of the popular new principal at John E. Ford. The data after her first year had slipped but the parents didn’t care, they liked her and thought she did a good job. They wrote letters and had community meetings that Vitti even attended but in the end he removed her anyways.

Then at the beginning of this year Vitti wanted to force several schools to have an extra hour of reading. Now he was required by state law to have some schools have an extra hour but he wanted to go above and beyond. Parents complained, wrote letters and had community meetings and Vitti went ahead and did it anyways. This story takes a twist because Vitti recently wrote a letter to the state legislature asking them to do away with the extra hour requirement.

Then there is the use of the third grade FSA to determine promotion for third graders and this despite the test hasn’t been validated yet. Nobody has said third graders not ready or who wouldn’t benefit from it shouldn’t be retained. Just universally they have agreed that this test should not be used. Despite the state saying they don’t have to the district has said it will use a list generated form the results of the FSA to determine which kids will be retained. Now it is true there will be many good cause exemptions given out but the test is still the starting point.

The brings us to First Coast, despite the mass exodus of teachers, the spike in violence, the drop in school grades and the community demanding a change, Vitti has the chutzpah to say Brennan is one of the best we have and should remain as principal. Nothing backs this up. Once again he has gone with his gut.

Now the city's elites they get their calls returned, I will do some examples of that later in the week. 

Time and time again Vitti has ignored the city’s parents. Who has had enough?


  1. While I dislike the fact that Vitti doesn't listen, I don't think parents should be in charge. In fact, I think that's why schools suck now. Parents can't even parent, so why should they run the schools?

  2. I call parents about their kid's cellphone, only to have them walk into class with it the next day. Call about behavior only to have the student come in and announce the phone call to his peers during class. I could write them up, but who am I kidding? What is a teacher to do? Back in my day I would've had to apologize to the teacher and the cellphone would have been taken. There are some great parents and some not so great parents of rotten kids.

  3. Parents are not fit to run our schools. Unfortunately, neither is Vitti. We need real leadership.