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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Chartrand versus Rummell, the winner gets to run our schools

I find it interesting that Gary Chartrand is outraged Peter Rummell’s group financed ads against his handpicked candidate Ashley Juarez Smith. In case you have missed it Mrs. Smith-Juarez has raised over a hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars or three years worth of school board salary and nearly double what the other 12 candidates for school board raised combine for her election bid. Furthermore not much of it came from public school parents, no, most came from Chartand’s friends and the Bolles crowd.

The truth is Rummell is no better and the public shouldn’t let either of these men near our schools, both have distain for teachers and neither has any expertise in the education system. As Bill Gates is finding out just being rich doesn’t make you an expert on education. It is more nuanced and complicated than dollar signs but since neither Rummell nor Chartrand has ever worked in a classroom thus far both are oblivious to that fact.

Jacksonville isn’t it time we stopped letting the rich and powerful boss us around and have our kids benefitted from their leadership?

What’s best for our children not the dollar should dictate our decisions.

Wake up… please…

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