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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Who is lying KIPP or Superintendent Vitti?

It’s a rather innocuous exchange at the 2 hour and 8 minute mark.

Superintendent Vitti asked if the KIPP School has ever maxed out their enrollment.

He asked a subordinate who answered they have come close but haven’t.

A moment later he said but they have a huge waiting list, a sentiment that has been echoed often by Gary Chartrand and other KIPP supporters. We need to expand KIPP because there is such a waiting list they have said on First Coast Connect and I believe the Jax Business Journal too.

Well wait a minute if there has been this massive waiting list then how have they never reached their peak enrollment.

Listen to what she says. They have been close but never met it.

The District gives them 1.6 million dollar in a grant.  

The District has allowed them to have huge expansions.

24 members of their first class didn’t finish.

Gary Chartrand has donated to every sb member but Paula Wright and Connie Hall.

Gary Chartrand helped pass the one letter grade drop rule that benefitted the KIPP School.

They spend about a third more per child and their results have been very mediocre.

Then they both somehow have a huge waiting list and have never topped out on their enrollment.

There might be some good things going on there but how they get pass after pass from the media is beyond me and disappointing. 


  1. Maybe they aren't topped out because they pick and choose who they'll educate.

  2. The schools are maxed out now, has been all year. The wait list is over a thousand. And students are selected through a random lottery that is closely monitored due to the visibility of the organization.
    And a "B" for an open-enrollment public school in NW Jax is mediocre?
    Aaaaaand, the "third more" thing is ridiculous. Charters pay part of their per pupil to the district as a "fee", and they also have to pay for their own facilities. Just because KIPP gets grants, just like districts and district schools do, doesn't mean you get to fudge the numbers.
    You should go visit the school to get some first-hand information and to see what they are really about. It's impressive.

  3. So the video with district staff saying what they said isn't convincing? Hmm what would make you believe your lying eyes? I also imagine any school with a third more resources than public schools would have some advantages... I get you want to think they are the best thing since sliced bread but we have to share facts and the facts say you are all wrong.

  4. I have a close friend that works at KIPP, so I know that much of what you present on this blog is old data. The middle school charter is written for a max capacity of 380 students and they have been at that level all year. The principal is insistent on serving as many kids as possible. The elementary has been full all year as well.
    You keep defining a "third more" resources to fit your definition, but you are not addressing the inherent disadvantages charters face. And you clearly calculate grants for KIPP, but not for the district.
    Are you scared of the KIPP formula of higher expectations for teacher and more time for students? It's not crazy or scary. It's very old school. They also emphasize arts, sports, and strong discipline. Why is that bad? Just because you hate Chartrand?
    Go visit. You'll have a great day. I work at Northwestern middle and our principal loves the stuff we brought back. What have you got to lose?

  5. Friend that was taken from April's school board meeting. KIPP has a reputation for both killing and drilling and counseling kids out, that's a national reputation and again I get it, you want to desperately love KIPP and as I stated I believe there are probably good things going on but its far from the savior you want them to be. As for money they spend about a third more per child, imagine what you could do at Northwestern with a third more resources.