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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The District's shame continues, Oscar Harris moved to Ed White, popular Ed White administer sent packing

If you missed it Oscar Harris was the assistant principal at Westside High who was suspended after breaking up a violent fight there. I wrote he got a raw deal and the district sent a bad message to students and staff.

The district has now seen fit to compound their error as today with practically zero notice they sent Mr. Harris to Ed White high school and moved popular assistant Principal Tim Durkin to Westside high.

I spoke with a few members of the Ed White staff and they said they were besides themselves. That is was a tragedy that Durkin was ripped away from Ed White so close to graduation especially since he had been with this senior class since they were freshmen.

Another member of the faculty said Durkin was that type of AP that kept everybody motivated and enthusiastic also since he was in charge of the master schedule he was incredibly valuable behind the scenes too.

Who does this, another staff member added, who messes with peoples lives like this. Well apparently superintendent Vitti and the district do because to them staff members are merely pawns on a chess board to be moved at a moments notice without much thought to the consequences the move might make.

The district has bungled this situation from the beginning and now has made it worse and we wonder why staff morale is rock bottom.

I find myself missing Ed Pratt-Dannals.


  1. How has the travesty that befell the athletic director at Sandalwood go unreported? The lawsuit that is sure to follow will be glorious. Vitti and his minions strike again and destroy another loved employee.

    1. Send me some details and I will look into it...

  2. She was accused of changing answers on a CGA/EOC. It was investigated and found without merit. Two teachers signed affidavits onvher behalf but Vitti and his minions forced her out. Last I heard she was preparing a lawsuit on many grounds including discrimination.

  3. Vitti also moved Vincent Hall from First Coast High School after he moved that school to an 'A', only to bring in Alvin Brennen. We know how that's working. I heard school grades can only drop 1 letter grade at a time. After Brennen's first year, FCHS dropped to a 'B'.Guess what it will be next?

  4. The question that remains unanswered is if all this bullying and corruption is going on why has it not been successfully challenged?

  5. The bullying and harassment continues because DTU is weak or bought off--probably both. Vitti is only doing what he is supposed to do as an unethical and incompetent admin.