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Friday, May 8, 2015

Parents recieve a strange letter after the Acclaim Charter School closes

Now I love the line through but I am a snarky blogger. Shouldn't we expect a little better from the assistant superintendent?

Let me just say this operator never should have received a charter and did you know they had the go ahead to open another charter school next year. The district is responsible because they outsourced several hundred of our kids futures to a mercenary looking to make a buck. Sadly they aren't the only ones operating in Jacksonville.

1 comment:

  1. In line with the stupidity we experience on a daily basis. I have just found out why we cannot officially enroll these students--we are waiting on grades from Acclaim. These refugees are given handwritten schedules and sent off to class. So teachers have no way of marking attendance correctly even though that is a legal duty they have. Shoot, at my school, where chaos is the daily norm, teachers have no way of knowing if a new student belongs in their room or not. The students show up with 1/2 of their FSA taken and parents demanding that we give them the second half--which we cannot do. What a mess.