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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Three rich old white guys who never taught talking about education.

The real problem besides ignoring poverty is the powers that be would rather listen to them than the people doing the actual educating.

Bill Gates perhaps the smartest dumb guy in America says inner city charter schools are working. There are some that are working, generally however they are the ones that have more resources than their public school counterparts. Most successful charter schools have fled to the suburbs where they cherry pick resources and students from neighborhood schools invariably hurting them and doing a worse job.

Gates says longer school days and longer school years are having an effect. Hmm the reason public schools generally don’t have these things is a lack of resources. Buffet who has more resources than God, both loves McDonalds and says schools have enough resources. I guess we’re paying teachers to much. He does say McDonalds is more successful than charter schools, hmm maybe it’s because they pay their workers so little.

Here is the thing, we have to move past the shock of the cost of educating, it’s expensive as is imprisoning people I remind you. Furthermore since the United States by far is the wealthiest country in the world why are we so surprised when we spend more than other countries? It’s a shock to people on the right.

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