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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Let me explain to you how bad Duval's discipline is.

Action News did a story about a fight at Grand Park the alternative school for kids with discipline problems. Let me stop right there, discipline is so bad in some of our schools I imagine the kids there either murdered nuns or drowned puppies.

Action New's take was look at this fight filmed by a student, and how a teacher did not rush to break it up. First why would they, teachers that break up fights now days get suspended or seriously injured and the kids that fought get a righteous, finger point and a please guys (or girls) don't do that again.

Where action News saw the video and thought gosh why didn't that teacher break up the fight, I saw the video and thought what is a kid at the alternative center doing with a phone?!? These kids have behaved so poorly they can't be in a normal schools but it hasn't occurred to the powers-that-be to take away their phones. What the $%#@!!!!

It's unbelievable what we let these kids get away with. Discipline was not good before Superintendent Vitti arrived but since he has got here things have gone off the rails and it's a wonder we haven't had a repeat of what happened on the alternative school bus last week happen in one of our schools.

Kids need consequences for poor behavior and our most vulnerable kids need follow up by social workers and mental health counselors, they don't need pat on the backs and please don't do that agains. Discipline is hard and our super is making things worse. Now will somebody take that kids phone away?


  1. Sorry, I have a problem with your main point which seems to be the capture of the event by a phone is somehow more important than the event. It may be a symptom of a lax system that also results in dangerous situations like fights but this focus on the camera reminds me strongly of the situation with police and their discomfort at being filmed while they beat the crap out of people. I usually agree with you, dang near always in fact. But I think this post is perhaps just poorly worded. Yes. Kids in school should not have cell phones but the problems in our schools cannot be attributed to the fact that they do.

    1. My point was, what do you have to do to get the cell phone taken away, apparently not even being sent to an alternative school rates. the fight was really secondary to my point.

  2. Some animals have two legs and are allowed to attend our schools with good kids. Some other animals wear suits, enjoy fancy titles and six figure salaries.

  3. Phones are ruining education. They are a constant distraction. Do any schools enforce the cell phone rule? Mine doesn't.

  4. Smart phones are part of thr reason behind fighting. The fighting students are proud of being recorded and they have a large audience of students who watch the fights on Instagram Students that record the fights should receive some punishment as well as the brawlers

  5. Anyone found standing around watching a fight and blocking school personnel from breaking it up should be treated like combatants.

  6. Chris, I agree that alternative school students should not be allowed to bring phones to school. They are allowed to have stricter rules. For example, they have to wear a button-up shirt and a tie. NO PHONES should definitely be a rule there.

    Discipline is so awful this year. Kids are shooting each other almost daily now in the community. They learned in school that there are no consequences and that is such a disservice to them, because there are consequences from the police.

  7. I don't understand why there are not cellphone signal jammers in the schools?

  8. There is a method of disabling student phones so that the camera, calling and texting would be disabled. The student would still have access to 911. That would make way too much sense for dcps. Maybe DTU could advocate this as a solution. Oh yeah, DTU does not do anything but collect dues and be the most accommodating union in the country.