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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Jeb Bush, terrible or absolutely terrible? (rough draft)

I have to say the more I think about Jeb Bush's comments that if Baltimore had more school choice then there wouldn't have been any riots the more Flabbergasted I become.

There has been school choice in Florida for going on twenty years now. Charter schools including one that was started by Jeb Bush that failed have been here since 1996. During the 13-14 school year there were 615, most less than 5 years old. Furthermore over 270 have opened taken public money and failed leaving mostly poor and minority families and communities in a lurch.  When these school opened they took resources from the neighborhood schools undoubtedly hurting them too.

The Stanford Credo says Florida's charter schools as a group perform worse than their public school counterparts and most of the ones that are doing well have set up shop in affluent neighborhoods attracting parents who have bought the hype about our failing public system, who don't like gov'ment schools or think they are getting a free private school.

Also has Jeb Bush not been to the north side of Jacksonville, downtown Miami, Tampa Heights in Tampa and dozens of other neighborhoods in Florida. Even with school choice those neighborhoods are mired in crippling poverty and are a Freddie Gray tragedy away from blowing.

Jeb Bush who sent his children to an exclusive and expensive private school and who hates labor more than he cares about kids is either completely clueless, naive or I don't beeping know but his school choice comments are completely ridiculous and beyond wrong.

For him to try and take advantage of the tragic death of a young man shows just what a poor human being he is.

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