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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How didn’t DCPS know the Acclaim Charter School was going to fail? Probably because they chose to be willfully blind.

DCPS should have been suspicious when their sister school failed in Osceola County. It was taken 
over by the district after consecutive F grades.

Osceola County are scrambling to find a new school for their children after their school suddenly closed.
Acclaim Academy Charter School in Kissimmee was ordered to shut down after earning its second consecutive F grade.
They called him the Bernie Madoff of Charter schools.

Maybe it was because their CEO Dennis Mope was to busy with his other gig buying and selling schools. Yep his other business is called Schools for Sale inc.

You see guys like Mope don’t think of education as a noble profession, where teachers help the next generation become productive citizens, preparing them for adult hood, they see education as a money making opportunity and who cares if the public is taken for a ride and kids are hurt.

According to Mope’s linkedin page he plans to open 40 schools in 5 years, the truth is he never should have been allowed to open one.

As despicable as I find Dennis Mope, I think Superintendent Vitti and the school board deserve the lion’s share of blame. They were elected to be in charge of our kids’ education not to roll over like sheep and outsource their futures to for profit mercenaries and snake oil salesmen. This was a debacle that could have been avoided.

Next week 250 kids ill be plucked from the Acclaim charter school and placed in the public schools they never should have left. It all could have been avoided if we had a super and board more interested in doing the right thing rather than bowing down to charter school operators. They should care more about our kids than what Gary Chartrand thinks or wants.


  1. 1. We're right down the street and they've already started to arrive. 2. I wish Vitti and the Board would be more vigorous in opposing bad charters--denying faulty applications and moving to close underperforming/troubled operations. I understand the state overrules local boards at every turn, but that's no excuse not to continue to make the right decisions. 3. State rules are terrible. When Mope goes to open those 40 new charters, they don't allow his past failures to be considered in the approval decision. 4. Therefore, (I love using business metaphors against these for-profit guys), tell me charter operators--what bank ignores your past history when making a loan decision? What hospital doesn't research a doctor's malpractice claim rate when deciding whether to grant him privileges to the operating room? What bus company doesn't research a prospective driver's accident and violation history? What manufacturing firm doesn't consider the past performance of its candidates for CEO? Yeah, your past performance should be a factor as well.

  2. Why waste time and effort on a Charter, just open a private voucher school and there is zero accountability to taxpayers

  3. Those schools receiving these refugees will not have the benefit of the FTE funding. No teachers will come with them. That money has already been squandered. The students at the receiving schools will get the benefit of additional over crowding as new students enter their classes right at finals time. This is bad for more than just the uprooted charter students.

    1. Dennis Mope is a con artist at its best. I worked for the Acclaim in Orange County it I was a nightmare from beginning to end. If you see this man run!