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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gary Chartrand thinks YOU and your children should take what you get.

Words have meanings and I think the latest from Gary Chartrand are quite telling. If you don’t remember Chartrand is a grocer who parlayed his campaign donations to a spot on the state board of education.
From the Tampa Times, when talking about a possible misstep from education commissioner Pam Step:
"I've admired her work ethic and her desire to do right by kids," chairman Gary Chartrand said.
Still, he quickly added, "Nobody is perfect."
Chartrand said he didn't want to get into details. "But there's always room to improve," he said. "I know you were not satisfied with the glitches we had in testing."
Oh, he knows YOU were not satisfied by the glitches we had. I personally am not satisfied with the word glitch because the state roll out was a disaster.

Why did he say, you, instead of we? Probably because he doesn’t really care what happens to public school kids, in fact I bet he thinks families that send their kids to public schools are morons and beneath contempt for doing so. He sent his kids to expensive and exclusive private schools that were exempt from the tests and he wants to funnel public school kids into barely regulated private schools that don’t have to take the tests either. 

You may not have been satisfied with the roll out but I bet he loves it because it gives public schools a black eye and will cause even more kids to leave. He is part of a regime that created a disaster and now seeks to benefit off of it.

The question now is will YOU let him?  

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