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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mom upset teacher didn't break up a fight? Um why would they?

I know that sounds hard but follow me for a moment.

From Action News Jax: A local mom said a teacher did nothing to stop kids from fighting in the classroom at a school where we have shown you at least one other fight has happened.

This is the third parent in two weeks who’s come out and said their child was either punched or jumped right in front of teachers at Jefferson Davis Middle School.

When you break up a fight in Duval you run the risk of getting injured and now even suspended if some absentee power that be thinks you are to rough. Teachers also know the system is set up now so kids get the barest if any consequences for fighting as it really rate as an offence anymore and maybe that's why kids have moved to shooting into buses.   

Most teachers will throw caution to the wind and try and intervene and I salute them but at the same time I am not going to denigrate those that practice the better part of valor and don't.

Duval County has put teachers into untenable situations and that's why parents wonder why teachers let kids fight.

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