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Monday, May 25, 2015

Parent question's Vitti's sincerity on ending extra hour of reading.

Superintendent Vitti wrote the state a letter requesting they end the mandatory extra hour of reading for children at poor performing schools and by poor performing I mean do bad on standardized tests, so take that for all its worth.

From a reader:

Vitti's comments echo those of the parents who fought him tooth and nail against the extra hour at 11 schools OUTSIDE of the State Mandate last summer. Something that has yet to be made clear in the media, Vitti doubled down on the extra hour last year and forced it on schools that were not even on the absurd "bottom 300" list. 

It's almost hilarious to see the same talking points that were used against him by parents being taken up verbatim in his comments for this story. Or it would be had he not wasted a year and turned the heat up even higher on teachers already roasting on the spit with this new test debacle on this bu!!shit. 

The data cited in this story is not new. There is no current data on this school year aside from CGA's, which should be enough but if they were we wouldn't have the aforementioned testing debacle. So the data in this article is (fanfare) the same data that was pored over and cited in the parent's argument against Vitti last summer. 

I know because I was one of the parents who gathered and dissected that data from numerous public records. He didn't listen then despite being widely known as all about the data. He could have and a real leader would have at least slowed his roll and taken a second look. He was playing politics then and he's playing them now that the wind is blowing in a different direction. 

With the opt out movement growing and the true devastation of this year's testing mess about to come to light he's trying very hard to change his image over to a champion for the parents. I hope that all the parents he rolled over last year remember whose side he ultimately is on. Nikolai Vitti's side.

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