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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Jeb Bush says if only Baltimore had more charter schools there wouldn't have been any riots.

You know I have heard of never letting a good crisis go to waste but come on!!!

In Politic he said: Bush on Thursday touted the education reforms he oversaw as Florida’s governor, arguing that expanding school choice is one way to improve opportunities for at-risk children.
“Baltimore is not a model for public education,” Bush said. “You want to see that, go to Florida.

Yes just what the poor black folks of Baltimore need, for profit charters, many of which will close, run by charlatans and mercenaries that as a group perform worse than their public school counterparts. No word if Bush think the police not killing their sons would probably help too.  

Like Baltimore many of Florida's neighborhoods do need help but they need responsible help. The children in those schools need smaller classes, a longer school day and a longer school year with fun things to do so school does not become such drudgery for them. They need mental health counselors and social workers because why kids act up and do poorly often has nothing to do with school and if we don't address the whole child all we are doing is spitting into the wind.

Jeb's solutions give money to for profit companies and unregulated schools while testing students to death and running teachers out of the profession has not worked in Florida despite his assistance that it has and it won't work in Baltimore or anywhere else either.

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