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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

DCPS gives charter schools access to our students personal information

Becki Couch at the school board meeting said her son received a post card from a charter school recruiting them to go to it. She asked the super how the charter school got her son's name and address.

Oh that would be genesis (the districts computer system) he said, charter schools have access to it and it has all our students personal information in it.

Oh wow, I wonder why the district has made it so tough for them, I mean couldn't the district print up cards and send it to families for them?

Isn't that the goal of the super and board an all charter school district? Why pretend it's not at this point.


  1. We provide quite a bit of support to charter schools. But this crosses a line. They should not be permitted to use our data system for marketing purposes.

  2. Saw that charter military school is closing, and the money is lost - no way DCPS can recover it

    Maybe technology, if it does not have a lien on it. Yeah, right