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Thursday, May 7, 2015

It has been a bad week for Florida's charter schools

Krista E. Morton, 45, of Wellington, was arrested Wednesday after cops received a call about possible sexual activity in a parking lot by Lakeside Park in North Palm Beach.
Police say they found Morton in the car with a 19-year-old senior from the school. The report says Morton’s “shirt was unbuttoned, exposing her shoulders and part of her chest.”
Morton first told officers that she and the student were “just friends,” an arrest report stated. Then cops say she claimed he was a stranger she had picked up off the street because she was lonely.
Later, the 19-year-old student admitted to cops that Morton was the principal of his school.
Parents described a crazy scene Thursday in the Acclaim Charter School, where only two teachers showed up for work a day before the school permanently closes.

Some parents said they learned Wednesday that the school was closing on Action News This Morning. 

The school had no choice but to shut down on Thursday, and there won’t be school on Friday, either.

Students and parents said Acclaim Academy was a madhouse Thursday when they dropped off their children.
"It's chaos.  It really is. Kids are running around jumping on the counters,” ninth-grader David Morphew said. 
Acclaim Academy Orange, a charter school, plans to shut down Thursday, leaving 181 students to find a new school for the remaining weeks of the academic year.  The Orange County school district had moved last month to close the school, which it said is beset by financial troubles and other problems.
Acclaim initially challenged the district's decision to push for closure, an action outlined in a letter sent in early April. But then Wednesday, the school told the district it would shut down the next day, school officials said.
N.E.W. Generation Preparatory High School of Performing Arts will have to close its doors in 90 days for multiple academic failures and not submitting an annual audit that helps the school district track spending
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