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Monday, February 27, 2012

Are Florida legislatures a different species than the rest of us?

When asked about changing the rules that govern high school athletics, Florida State Representative Eric Eisnagule, republican Orlando said, “I think that when I hear from a constituent when a nephew was not able to play his senior football because the private school he went to closed down, there is something wrong,”

A reasonable person might have some red flags. Why is the uncle and not the parents contacting me? Is football this man’s sole priority? How indicative is this of private schools in my district, among others things?

A reasonable person might say, well sir, I am sure if your nephew enrolls in the public high school they are zoned for and they meet the eligibility requirements then they will be able to play football.

Do you know what a reasonable person wouldn’t do? They wouldn’t gut a seventy-year-old organization the Florida High School Sports Association, that by all intents and purposes is working! Which is what he wants to do!

This bill championed by Steve Wise serves no purpose but to give private and charter schools more intrusion into the public school system. Hey parents if you want your child to be able to do all the things that public school kids can, send them to a public school, don’t call intellectually challenged politicians and complain.

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