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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The superintendent laughed all the way to the bank while people lost their jobs

While the superintendent laughed it off, his and the boards lack of communication caused lives to be disrupted as programs closed and people lost their jobs.

As I understand it school districts are supposed to keep three percent in reserves, which represents about 25 million dollars for Duval County. It turns out we have upwards of 160 million dollars. For the last few years the district has been pleading poverty as it squirreled away tens of millions of dollars.

I went to two meetings one last year and the other in 2010 where the superintendent droned on about what a sad financial state we are in and not once did he mention the 100 million plus in reserves, was that just a communication problem he was having with the public?

Magnet transportation was limited severely, sports were in danger of being cut, the mayor had to take his hat around the city looking for money to save ROTC at several schools and people lost their jobs, read that again, people lost their jobs while we had all this money.

The superintendent laughs it off as a miscommunication between him and the board. I wonder if the custodians, para professionals, district staff and teachers who lost their jobs because of our supposed poverty are laughing. I wonder how their lives are now?

Why do we have this money if it is not to be used during tough times and maybe the superintendent didn’t notice it because of his 279 thousand dollar salary but times have been very tough for a lot of people?

The superintendent laughed all the way to the bank while people suffered.


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