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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This School Board has a recent history of not knowing the rules

In case of a tie, the tie goes to the side the chair voted for. This very seldom plays a role because the board has seven members. However when Martha Barrett abstained from voting on the Bank of America School a tie occurred. The school board didn’t realize the vote to close the school had actually been passed for six months.

Whether they didn’t understand the rules or if they just asked the wrong questions is immaterial. At the same time the board was pleading poverty, closing programs and firing people they were unaware of over a hundred million dollars in reserve.

Then where it was perfectly legal by the rule of the law it was very bad form, when they used a procedural trick to remove from public discussion the decision to hire three new public relations positions at a cost of between 2 and 3 hundred thousand dollars.

Finally when the decision was made to fire the superintendent and let’s face it that’s what happened, the board met and conveniently felt keeping complete notes was not required. Hmm you would think a call so big should have been recorded for posterity.

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