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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I almost feel sorry for the Duval County School Board

They are a like a little girl at a family get together trying to tell tall tales. The adults ignore her having grown weary of her antics. The board pleads, come on what about our graduation rates, more of schools being A, B or C and how we have some of the highest academic standards around, but like the adults in the setup nobody listens.

You see the school board doesn’t get it. The people of the city might not always be able to put their finger on it but they know something is wrong. They have a teacher friend who is miserable or they know a kid who doesn’t seem to be learning much. The see the articles about grade recovery and here the stories about fights in the hall and they instinctively know that is more real than anything the board is saying.

Maybe the board got tricked by a charismatic snake salesman and just went along with whatever he said. Maybe they were in it with him and thought, if we can just keep the smoke and mirrors going the public won't kick us off our gravy trains.

Regardless the public is waking up; they don’t care if the board is clueless of just plain bad. All they know is they want better for their children and the city than what the board has delivered.

I almost feel bad for them, but who I really feel bad for is the teachers and families who had their lives messed with and the kids who didn’t get the education they deserved under the Pratt-Dannals reign. Yeah, that’s who I really feel sorry for.

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