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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The superintendent has a habit of taking credit for things he shouldn’t

He has talked about how the graduation rate has gone up under him and it has, but the reasons are a way the score was calculated and policies on his part, the districts gentlemen’s c policy and grade recovery, that have hurt the district.

He has talked about how 85% of our schools have received a grade of C or higher but once again he doesn’t mention how a scoring change led directly to the grade inflation. He has also been complaining about how the next scoring change will drive down our school’s grades. Look I don’t like the way the state grades our schools but I’m not a hypocrite about it. I don’t celebrate when scoring changes send grades up and complain when scoring changes send grades down. I don’t have my cake and eat it too.

He talks about the high standards in Duval County but he doesn’t mention how the high standards have had the opposite effect than intended. Instead of better preparing kids they are worse prepared than ever. We pass them along without the skills they need and then dump them out ill prepared for anything.

This is the credit he should be receiving, undisciplined hall ways, classes without rigor, low teacher morale and graduating way too many kids ill prepared for life.

Promoting his cronies, pals and sycophants to high paying district positions who did nearly as much damage as the super did.

And doing the district a huge disservice with his, all is well, message. Though I guess he had to continue to say so because if not more may have realized that many of our problems are of his making. It will take us years to recover from the damage this man has created.

Let’s give credit where credit is due.

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