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Saturday, February 25, 2012

W.C. Gentry and the Duval County School Board's willful ignorance

“We have an obligation to review all the documents and see what’s there,” said Gentry. “But quite candidly I rely on what they [district staff] tell me.”

Gentry, who was the board’s chairman during last year’s budget process, said the board specifically asked about extra money but may not have asked the right question.

“When I asked those question, I obviously expected that I would be told the full amount of money that we had that didn’t have to be spent,” he said “I think there was a communication problem. I think we thought we were getting all the information.” He said in a Times Union piece.

That’s the problem with the school board they don’t want to know what is going on in our schools. Quite candidly they rely on the district staff to get their information and quite candidly the district staff has no incentive to clue them in because quite candidly if they were clued in they would be outraged and demand change.

You have to be disgusted by this, programs were cut and jobs were lost, families and peoples live thrown into chaos because the board didn’t ask the right questions.

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