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Saturday, February 25, 2012

W.C. Gentry doesn't get it

Let me tell you about my first interaction with W.C. and I only do so because how he has stood up for the superintendent despite the fact Pratt-Dannals has all but wrecked Duval's public schools.

A friend told me he was a decent sort and if I had a problem I should mention it to him. I had a problem with how there were 17 and sometimes 17+ profoundly disabled kids in classes at Ed White high school and I asked him to do something about it.

He told me, the district said that was perfectly legal but he did question how every time he had a question the district would tell him what he asked was perfectly legal.

You see he’s not a teacher, he’s not in the schools and it was apparent he had no real desire to find out the difference between perfectly legal and what is right. He like the rest of the school board long ago stopped representing the districts kids, teachers and stakeholders and only represented the superintendent and his administration.

Experts say there should only be about six severally disabled kids (TMH) in a class and sadly Duval has been all about appearances and not about doing what is right.

The bottom line is W.C. didn’t care.

I have met him since then and occasionally he has said things, which I thought were reasonable but I have always remembered how he didn’t care about the disabled kids at Ed White high school, that and that he only ran for school board after he didn’t win a state senate seat. There is some hubris or narcissism that has him on the school board, not a desire to help our kids and its time we told him no more

If he slinks off into he night like he should then we can say, he had good intentions but was overwhelmed but if he stays, then doesn't that make him a bad guy?

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