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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Was superintndent Pratt-Dannals fired?

He says he is not being forced out or fired, that instead he is just retiring. I wonder how much the letter the school board gave him saying his contract would not be renewed played a role in that decision.

The superintendent should not be able to mess with people lives, which is what he did to hundreds if not thousands of school board employees and prevent kids from getting the education they deserved and just be allowed to walk away.

You know what gets me the most about this? The school board allowed him to gut discipline, destroy teacher morale, ignore rigor, mess with peoples lives, prevent kids from getting the education they deserve and steward several disasters, Duval Partners, Schools of the Future, Educational Directions but it wasn’t until he basically called them morons that they decided to do something and not fire him.

He held up a piece of paper with revenues and expenses that showed the extra hundred million dollars the board recently discovered (after pleading poverty, ending programs and firing people) and basically said, can’t you read?

It was then and only then that the board said enough is enough, or they didn’t, and he just retired. You be the judge.

Welcome to Duval County.

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