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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So which Duval County School Board members aren't key?

From a piece about the time for new leadership in the Times Union, Pratt-Dannals said both he and key board members arrived at the same conclusion, that he should call it quits at the end of his contract.

Um which members aren’t key? Friends you do know that there are only seven school board members right? It’s not like there are a hundred or anything.
Let’s try and figure out who is and isn’t key.

Paula Wright, she wasn’t even deemed worthy enough to get a phone call when a principal in her district was replaced midyear.

W.C. Gentry? Rich, elderly, white guys are always considered key.
Betty Burney? She is the chairwoman; I will begrudgedly put her on the key list.

Becky Couch, no, not even close, she doesn’t seem nearly as interested in the job now that she has it.

Fred “Fel” Lee, he will eventually be an old, rich, white guy so I initially thought definitely but then his silence over the last week has spoke volumes.

Martha Barrett, I can’t imagine her being considered key about much but she and the superintendent have worked closely together for the last 12 years (that’s right folks she has been on the SB for 12 years now and is seeking a fourth term) so it’s a possibility.

Tommy Hazouri, enough said.

Regardless, isn’t this a decision, which I feel is way over due, that the whole board should have made together?

So friends, is your representative key or are they just there collecting a check?

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