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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Now Duval County cares about disabled kids?

Where were they two years ago when they started putting kids with severe learning disability and barely functional I.Q.s into regular education classes they had no business being in? Kids with I.Q.s as low as seventy are taking algebra II and chemistry.

Where were they three years ago when they had as many as 17 severely disabled kids in a class at Ed White high school? Special education experts think eight trainable mentally handicapped students in a class is too many. W.C. Gentry told me it was perfectly legal.

Where were they when they decided special education teachers could teach classes and have I.E.P. caseloads of 30 or higher assuring they could take care of neither adequately.

Where were they when they decided that watered down academic courses was a better way to prepare disabled kids for life instead of teaching them trades of skills? St. Johns gets it; they have a high school dedicated to that.

Where were they when money supposed to help disabled kids was siphoned into academic programs for regular education students? Come on friends why else would Paxon high school have had a Severely Emotionally Disturbed unit for all those years?

Yes the state law to include severely disabled students into school grades is short sited and wrong but its not like Duval County has had our disabled students best interests at heart for quite some time.

Chris Guerrieri
Special Education Teacher

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