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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Duval County school board consistently avoids taking responsibility

Giving away our intervene schools and millions of dollars to an EMO because they couldn’t come up with solutions
Schools of the Future
The Bank of America School
Low teacher Morale
One of the worse graduation rates in the state
8 of the bottom 25 high schools (middle schools just as bad)
Grade Recovery
A lack of discipline
A lack of rigor
Shoving all kids regardless of aptitude or desire into a one size fits all curriculum
160 million hidden dollars

And now they can’t take notes at the biggest school board meeting in years? They say they followed the letter of the law; experts say maybe?

They take responsibility for absolutely nothing but oh they will tell you in a heart beat we’re a B district (ranked 50th out of 67 districts) and our grad rates are up (the result of social promotions and grade recovery) about Read it Forward (glorified baby sitting because the classes were to big) how discipline is better (only in their dreams and on their spread sheets) and how we have the highest standards around (which has all but wrecked rigor because passing kids not educating kids is their priority).

Friends, when is enough enough?!?

How much are our teachers and children supposed to endure?!?

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