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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is the superintendent trying to mislead the public?

At his press conference he mentioned how under him over the last four years the graduation rate went up fourteen percent. I am not sure if the district gentlemen’s c policy where kids are promoted up and out regardless if they have the skills or not and how he used grade recovery to rob kids of a work ethic and accountability and reduced many class rooms to meaningless after thoughts are good for the district. But what I am sure of is the graduation rate did not go up by fourteen percent.

A formula change caused all the rates in the state to be bumped up significantly (because it omitted thousands of kids, who dropped out) and next year the formula is being switched to the federal governments one.

According to the federal government our graduation rate in 2011 was 63.3 percent which is up 11.8 percent from 2007 (see above for the reasons why) but it is also up only 6.1 percent from 2004.

2011- 63.3%
2010- 58.3%
2009- 55.8%
2008- 53.5%
2007- 51.5%
2006- 51.4%
2005- 56.3%
2004- 57.2%
2003- 52.2%

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