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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How many black eyes can the Duval County School District take?

This time last year we were talking about, a fifty thousand dollar speaker, a beach retreat and Duval Partners, the hand picked EMO that came and went.

Towards the end of summer, the district gave away control of four schools and two million dollars to Education Directions despite the fact they were granted an extra year to come up with solutions.

The fall saw the school board allow the KIPP school to expand despite the fact in it’s first year it was the worse performing school in Northeast Florida, a contract with Teach for America to bring novice teachers to our inner city schools at 2,400 dollars a pop when local teachers and college of ed grads can’t find jobs and a vote to spend 300 thousand dollars on additional public relations positions.

In December we got some good news. Because of a scoring change many of our schools grades went up, unfortunately the district is now in a tizzy because a new new scoring change that will cause some of our schools grades to go down. Nobody taught the superintendent that you can’t have cake and eat it too.

In January the state ranked our district 50th out of 67 and pointed out that we have 8 of the bottom 25 high schools in the state, including number 404.

This brings us to today. Money wasted, kids set back, equipment missing and the district with yet another “who me???” look on it’s face because of how they lost track of Schools of the Future.

When is enough going to be enough for this administration?


  1. It is Educational Directions; Education Directions is a different company.