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Friday, February 24, 2012

Do Burney, Barrett and Gentry think Duval’s graduation rate entitles them to 4 more years?

The federal government says our graduation rate is just over 63% for all our kids just over 54% for our African American kids. This puts us 50th out of 67 counties in Florida. To further give you some scale, Miami Dade which is bigger and poorer than us graduates 70 and 63 percent respectively.

Before the district perverted grade recovery which robbed our schools of accountability and credibility and it inflated the rate, our graduation rate bounced between 51 and 57 percent for the last decade, most of which saw Burney on the Board and all accept a few months saw Barrett.

But do you know what is really amazing to me? Teachers are cajoled, threatened, intimidated and encouraged to pass kids along whether they have the skills or not; 37% of our kids arrive to high school not reading on grade level and 70% need remedial classes at Florida State College. Why isn’t our graduation rate higher?

The district can’t even cheat or distort statistics with any degree of veracity!

If it is our graduation rate that makes them think they are entitled to four more years then we are really in trouble.

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