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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Duval County pleads poverty while sitting on over 100 million dollars

How can we believe anything the district says? Last year when we were cutting transportation, programs and jobs the school board was sitting on over a hundred million dollars.

W.C. Gentry says they didn’t know about the money because they didn’t ask the right questions and now he wants to run for reelection?!?

Pratt-Dannals said earlier Friday he and his staff could have presented the information about the reserve money better.

“The board gets volumes of information and it’s obvious we could have been clearer,” Pratt-Dannals said in a Times Union piece on his resignation. “Not only for the board but for the public as a whole. Call it a lesson learned. It’s a work in progress and I think we’ve had some good conversations with the board about it.”

Call it a lesson learned? People’s lives were messed with! I was at the board meeting where members of the custodial staff in tears beegged not to lose their jobs and now Pratt-Dannals and the board just laugh it off??


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