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Monday, February 10, 2014

CNBC has John Legend on to talk Education Reform; I threw up in my mouth a little

That’s right musician John Legend because apparently every teacher in the world was busy.

You know that’s a huge problem we have in education, media outlets like CNBC are more interested in what celebrities have to say that what educators do.

The subject of Alex Wagner’s piece, poverty was an important one but it was lost when Wagner brought Legend, who is on the board of Teach for America, on.

Mrs. Wagner during her love fest where they toughest question she asked was how is your day going, didn’t bring up how Teach for America does the exact opposite of what we know to be best for our children, especially for our poorest children. How can she and Legend bemoan the fate of our poor children, when they give approval to TFA that sets them back?   

The answer is they shouldn’t be able to.

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